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Dr. Katarzyny Cieślak Competition

Dr. Katarzyny Cieślak Competition
for the works of young Polish and foreign researchers
in art history and culture of Pomerania, Warmia and Mazury

R U L E S   AND   R E G U L A T I O N S

§ 1.

1. The Competition is open to works in art history and culture of Pomerania, Warmia and Mazury, including published and unpublished doctoral dissertations and master's thesis wrote in Polish, English and Deutsch languages.
2. The authors of the submitted works may not exceed forty years of age.

§ 2.

1. Competition is announced every two years by the Foundation Board in the first quarter of the competition year. Conditions of each edition are determined by the Foundation Board.
2. Announcement of results and award ceremony takes place in the fourth quarter of the same year, while a specially organized ceremony.

§ 3.

Prizes are awarded by the Jury appointed by the Dr. Katarzyna Cieślak's Foundation. The composition of the Jury is appointed by the Foundation Council at the request and in within proposed by the Foundation Board. Principles of operation and decision-making by the Jury shall be determined at its first meeting.

§ 4.

In the competition are awarded two prizes: the main prize and the special prize. The main prize includes all works qualified for the competition. A special prize is awarded for distinguished master's thesis, qualified for the competition. The Jury may decide not to award the prizes.

§ 5.

1. The amount allocated to the award is determined in each case by the Foundation Board.
2. Awards are funded from the own assets of the Foundation's or obtained funds earmarked for this purpose.
3. The awards granted by the Jury are paid by the Board of Foundation.
4. Organiser of the Competition which is the Foundation collects from the award's tax in accordance with current Polish tax laws.

§ 6.

Any changes to the Rules and Regulations are made by the Council of the Foundation at the request of the Foundation Board.